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Work Faster with WinXP Tips and Tweaks

We would all want to have our computers work in the best way that we want to. However, most of the time, our Windows operating systems work slow, because we haven't fully maximized the features that we should use in our computer systems yet. If you want some Winxp tips tweaks, then this article would provide you with some easy ways to do so. Although Windows XP has a lot graphics that you could bask your eyes into, these eventually make your computers run slower than usual. If you are looking for Winxp tips tweaks that you could easily apply in your computer, then you could adjust the graphics settings to make your computer work faster. All you need to do is to right click on your Desktop and choose Properties.

Go to the Settings tab and adjust the color quality to Medium. Another one that you could do is to revert to the Windows 2000 look to enhance the performance of your computer. Go to the My Computer icon and select Properties. Click the Advanced tab and go to the Performance section. Select Adjust for Best Performance and click OK. The down side on this option is that the fancy graphics offered by Windows XP is not applied, but for sure, your operating system would work way faster than usual.

When you cannot access the Start button or your Taskbar at about two or three minutes at startup, then it is experiencing a system hang-up. This may be due to a specific service which runs in the background, causing the Windows operating system to work slower than usual. To prevent this from happening, here is what you have to do.

From your Start button, click Run and type msconfig, then click OK. After accessing this, go to the Services tab, and look for the Background Intelligent Transfer option. Disable this option, click Apply, then reboot your computer.

After doing this WinXP tip tweak, you would find your computer starting up faster than usual. Being able to clearly see the fonts in your computer is another of the best WinXp tips tweaks that you can apply in your operating system. Microsoft has the ClearType option, which will enable the user to see an improved appearance of the text presented in the screen.

This does run on default in Windows Vista. It also works by default in Microsoft Office 2007 and Internet Explorer 7, although it does not work all throughout the operating system. All you need to do is to go to the Microsoft Topography pages and follow the simple instructions provided in the page. Adjust the ClearType options in the Control Panel after you have installed the software. There are quite a number of tweaks available for Windows XP, and these will help your system work to its best advantage once you decode them.

Remember to read the instructions carefully before carrying out these tweaks. When you have properly applied them, they will make your operating system run faster.

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