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Samsung delays Galaxy Fold launch after early models broke

Samsung will not launch its innovative, expensive and troubled Galaxy Fold on schedule.

Wisconsin's governor really hates the Foxconn deal. He wants to renegotiate

Tony Evers, the Democratic governor of Wisconsin, says he doesn't think Foxconn will ever add 13,000 jobs in his state.

Wing gets FAA approval in step toward drone delivery

A subsidiary of Google's parent company has become the first drone-delivery company to receive a critical Federal Aviation Administration certification.

Twitter's audience is growing again as it works to combat abuse

Twitter's audience is growing again and engaging with the service more frequently as the company works to combat abuse on the platform.

Owning a Warhol: How bitcoin could change the art world

Singapore-based Maecenas hopes to change million dollar record-breaking art sales forever.

Tesla doubles down on its radical approach to self-driving cars

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and other executives explained to investors Monday their plans to have more than a million full self-driving Teslas on roads next year.

Sri Lanka, citing 'false news reports,' blocks social media after attacks

Sri Lanka placed a nationwide block on social media sites after more than 200 people died in multiple attacks on Sunday. The government, in taking the drastic step, cited "false news reports" it said were circulating online.

The most commonly hacked passwords, revealed

A survey has revealed that the internet's most vulnerable passwords are 123456, plus codes using names, sports teams and swear words.

Pinterest pops 28% in its Wall Street debut

For years, Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann has insisted his company is not an outright social network. As he told CNN Business in a recent interview, the platform is not focused on hard news or amassing followers. "At its most basic level, it's just about you," he said.

If your image is online, it might be training facial-recognition AI

The photo is undeniably cute: a mom and a dad he with a stubbly beard and rimless glasses, she with choppy brown hair and a wide grin goofing around and eating ice cream with their two toddler daughters.

Sri Lanka's social media ban won't solve its misinformation problem

Sri Lanka has blocked access to Facebook and other social media since Sunday's attacks. But such moves do little to hinder terrorists and can increase the spread of rumors.

Facebook perfects the art of the news dump

On the Thursday before a major holiday weekend, and an hour before the much-anticipated Mueller report was released to the public, Facebook updated a month-old blog post titled "Keeping Passwords Secure" with a few lines of italicized text.

Sri Lanka's social media ban enters its second day

Sri Lanka's nationwide block on social media sites continued through a second day on Monday. The country's government took the drastic step on Sunday, citing "false news reports" it said were circulating online, after hundreds were killed in multiple attacks.

Elon Musk says Tesla will have robo-taxis operating next year

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced at an investor event Monday that he expects the company to operate robo-taxis next year.

President Trump meets with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey after accusing platform of bias

President Donald Trump met with Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey on Tuesday, hours after Trump erroneously accused the social media company of "discriminatory" behavior toward conservative users.

Huawei claims more 5G firsts as sales jump 39%

Things are looking up for Huawei despite the best efforts of the US government.

How Mueller used Bitcoin to catch Russia

Russian operatives used cryptocurrency at almost every stage in their online efforts to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, according to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's final report on his investigation.

Snap starts adding users again

Snap reported first quarter earnings results after the bell on Tuesday.

Test fire of SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft ran into problems, sending up thick clouds of smoke

Thick plumes of smoke rose over a SpaceX facility in Florida during a test fire of a Crew Dragon spacecraft on Saturday. If the issue was serious, it could derail plans to fly astronauts aboard the capsule later this year.

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