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Wireless VoIP

Wireless and VoIP have joined forces. Installing a WLAN network card into your computer uses wireless technology. After installing the card, your computer will become "wireless". This means that you will be able to enjoy an Internet connection without the use of cables and cords.

VoIP is the technology that allows the transmission of audio files by transmitting them into data packets across the Internet. By integrating Wireless and VoIP a new generation of audio telecommunications has been birthed. By having a VoIP service and a wireless connection, you can enjoy the best of both worlds- wireless VoIP connections.

Wireless networks are activated by what is known as a "hotspot". A hotspot is an area where there is an access point. Wireless connections are basically created by radio signals. An access point is where the network has established their main signal. It is possible for wireless users to basically "jump" from hotspot to hotspot and utilize various networks access points.

The combination of Wireless and VoIP has led to another invention-VoWiFi. VoWiFi stands for Voice over Wireless Fidelity. VoWiFi has also produced the new VoWiFi phones. These phones operate like cell phones, only they use VoIP technology, (transmit over the Internet) and are wireless, operating in various hotspots.

VoWiFi phones are very inexpensive to use, as is all of VoIP technology. It is much cheaper to submit audio as data packets over the Internet and it uses considerably less bandwidth. This is a reason why VoIP technology is gaining in strength and momentum.

Many people are choosing the freedom that is offered by VoIP. VoIP can offer nearly free or free long distance phone calls. Since VoWi Fi operates from hotspot to hotspot or network-to-network, you may think that there are roaming charges involved. Well, this is not the cellular network that you love/hate. There are no roaming charges involved with VoIP. That's right, you can take your VoWiFi phone from hotspot to hotspot, maintaining your connection (provided you easily go from hotspot to hotspot) absolutely free.

You may be wondering why not just use cellular? Why go wireless? Well, for those who travel a lot or are consistently out of their cellular range, roaming charges will apply and can be expensive. By using your VoWiFi in hotspots while you are traveling, you can pick up a connection and make your calls for free.

Be careful not to confuse a VoWiFi phone with a cordless VoIP phone. They are two distinctively different products. A VoWiFi phone will enable you to access hotspots, but a cordless VoIP phone is simply a way to have a cordless phone in your house that is compatible with your VoIP service provider.

VoWiFi phones are hitting the market and companies such as Vonage are soon to debut their new VoWiFi phones.

An interesting trend is the creation of the hybrid phone. If someone is a traveling salesman, or just simply travels frequently and is on their cell phone, then leave their network range- they can take advantage of the new hybrid phone. The hybrid phone, which is part cellular, part VoWiFi, will be able to access hotspots, and pick up a signal. Voila- no more roaming charges!

Wireless VoIP does show promising signs towards the future and many look anxiously awaiting new products and increasing performance by these products. You will have to have a VoIP service provider before you can access VoWiFi. However, you can still find many free hotspots that will give your phone a connection.

Both Wireless and VoIP are relatively new technologies that have a lot of kinks that need to be worked out. The products are hitting the market at increasing speed, while rules, regulations, and security issues seem to be taking second place. That is the nature of telecommunications technology though, and we can expect that the face of Wireless VoIP will look very different in the next few years. Major corporations are already embracing this technology, creating services, phones, hybrid phones and plans that center on VoIP while the FCC races to determine where in fact VoIP technology's classifications lay.

There have been significant issues regarding wireless VoIP and security and 911 services. Well the good news is, that while these issues are battled out, agreed upon, and rewritten, we can still take our phones and lily pad our way from hotspot to hotspot- free of roaming charges.

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