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ways to get web traffic free

There are many ways to get web traffic free. Look at just ten of them: 1. Blogging. You can set up a blog and write blogs about your website, and this method will work. A blog is a website where a person comments on ongoing events periodically and presents a person's point of view on certain things or events.

They are usually linked to websites and can generate a substantial amount of traffic. 2. Linking to other sites and from them. A very popular method, just make sure the content of the site you're linking to and getting links from is similar to your site, but not the same. Also, ask for the web master's permission , some of them may have objections if you link to a page other than their home page. 3.

A very good way is writing articles and submitting them to popular ezines. Doing this periodically can bring a lot of traffic too. 4. Enlist your site into hot internet directories. 5. Participating in forums.

Wikipedia classifies forums as a Web application for holding discussions and posting user generated content. Internet forums are also commonly referred to as Web forums, message boards, discussion boards, (electronic) discussion groups, discussion forums, bulletin boards, fora (the latin plural) or simply forums. Systematic participation and having a reputation of the expert may help to drive very targeted traffic to the person's site. 6. Exchange banners with another web site owner. 7.

Search engine optimization. Web masters who are doing SEO are strongly divided in their opinions about search algorithms, especially for Google. Nobody really knows them and there are a lot of rumors. One of them - how Google ranks duplicate content.

I've seen many duplicates that ranked in Google well. There are many other inconsistencies. Some "gurus" complain about complexity of the optimization, others deny these complains saying that there are very few rules that need to be followed to get a good ranking. In any case, search engines keep their algorithms in secret and frequently change them, making SEO harder then it should be. 8.

Email marketing. This way to get web traffic free is also very effective. Most of people receiving emails opt to be on the mailing list beforehand and look for news in this particular area. 9. Making a Newsletter. 10.

Social marketing strategies. They are the latest techniques that allow to get web traffic free. Web2.0 consists of many elements and a detailed explanation will make this article too lengthy, it is a topic for another article.

Tim Anderson, Internet Marketer


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