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The Better Office Cubicles Manufacturer

Office cubicles, much criticized, mocked, and demonized, are still the wave of the present and the future in modern office design. Last year, office cubicle sales reached $ 4.4 billion, representing 36% of all office-furniture sales. Office cubicles are just right when designed and manufactured with careful attention to style, ergonomics, functionality and productivity.

Customized office cubicles are ingenious inventions allowing people to enjoy privacy while communicating with co-workers and exchanging ideas. Established in 1993, MAiSPACE, based in New Jersey, is the leading office cubicle manufacturer and provider of innovative space planning and utilization tools and design services. MAiSPACE has approximately 250 employees worldwide, and a North American installed base of more than $150 million.

MAiSPACE combines global sourcing and supply chain management with a streamlined just-in-time manufacturing and distribution system to reduce costs across the board while ensuring fast delivery. At MAiSPACE, we offer a full range of quality, easy-to-install-and-reconfigure modular and ergonomic office cubicle system furniture products to help companies quickly and easily find the right workspace solution at the right price. MAiSPACE manufactures "idiosyncratic" office cubicles emphasizing individuality and privacy.

Office cubicles designed by MAiSPACE combine a wide range of features which transform the work experience into a pleasurable one for each and every employee in your office. Our cutting-edge innovative design provides flexibility, convenience, comfort and ergonomic advantages. At MAiSPACE, we pioneer and employ cutting-edge production techniques, impeccable materials and first-rate hardware; the key to why we have always been the champion of high quality construction. Stability, strength, safety and style are key components of our discount office cubicles.

"Our objective is to provide customers with beautiful and functional offices without sacrificing affordability or performance," says Bob Spradlin, company's National Sales Manager. "Moreover, we commit to meeting project time frames, quick turnarounds and fast resolutions to revisions. These services are free with a signed purchase order or order placement." We understand that an employee has to spend an average of one-third of his time in this space. It is of utmost importance to MAiSPACE to make this time span as comfortable as possible. Office cubicles manufacturing and design offer privacy and a degree of isolation from distractions in and around the work place.

As opposed to a having work desks lined up in rows, facing one another, cubicles were developed to provide each employee with his/her personal workspace. This helps the employee focus better on his/her work and does not subject him/her to being exposed to other employees and the office environment in general, which can be full of sounds and distractions not suitable to the optimal performance of an individual. As such, at MAiSPACE, we work closely with our clients to identify those distracting issues that can be reduced or eliminated with proper office furniture configurations. In addition, as a research driven company, we are constantly evaluating and updating product options to accommodate changes in technology. MAiSPACE and MOrSPACE, our two signature modular office cubicle product lines, are based on the size, reach and movements of the users.

User-friendly components, such as cascade edge work surfaces and adjustable height, sit/stand keyboard platforms for computer intensive environments provide plenty of usable and breathable space and help manage information. At MAISPACE, we also take great pride in our sophisticated cable management systems. Frames provide unobstructed cable pathways top to bottom.

Cable runs are laid in behind lift-off panel segments, not bundled and fished through structural elements. Off-modular design allows flexibility in workspace size, configuration and in locating bins, shelves, and divider panels. MAiSPACE conforms to telecommunications industry standards for horizontal cabling systems in office cubicle manufacturing. Standard belt line access and easily accessible consolidation points provide an interconnection between work area outlets and telecommunications closets creating a zone distribution system. Unrestricted cable pathway access simplifies changes to the existing network.

Factory-terminated and tested modular cable assembles in copper or fiber support plug and play office reconfigurations. A wide variety of cable types are available to meet specific customer needs. "This includes Category 7 cabling, which is available for data-intensive and video applications, surpassing all current industry standards," Kyle Walters-Company's Product Design Manager notes. Functional, ergonomic, durable, yet stylish, MAiSPACE discount office cubicles compete with expensive alternatives. We promise the lowest price to our customers, and that's why we will beat our competitors' price for top quality office cubicle furniture. Each line of office cubicle furniture available at MAiSPACE offers specific features to suit your needs.

MAiSPACE offers reconfigurable modular office cubicles at a great value. Without compromising quality, style, and elegance, MAiSPACE incorporates a functional approach to office design at a low-cost. We take pride in our durable, safe, and environmentally friendly modular office cubicle furniture systems.

That's why, MAiSPACE supports its office cubicle system products-MAiSPACE and MOrSPACE - with a lifetime warranty, or for as long as you own the product. The company's revolutionary modular office cubicles hold the "Best of NeoCon" award, one of the most prestigious distinctions in the contract furniture industry, yet is priced up to 40% less than manufacturers whose names frequently are recognized. With a team of nationwide dealers, offices and distributions facilities on both East and West coasts, and free CAD services to purchasing customers, MAiSPACE stands ready to deliver any size project on time and on budget. will help business owners and operators make smart choices in Office Cubicles and Ergonomic Office Cubicles for their offices and selecting the right Systems Furniture.


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