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The Basics Of Predictive Dialing

Predictive Dialing is a technology that solves the problem of wasted Agent Payroll dollars in consumer campaigns. The problem is that Busy Signals, No Answers, Disconnected numbers and Answering Machines will leave your Agents talking to consumers about 15 minutes out of every hour without a technology solution. With Predictive Dialing, these same Agents become super charged and can experience talk time rates of up to 43 minutes per hour. The technology works by dialing out over 3,5, or even 10 phone lines per Agent.

This dialing begins while the Agent is on an existing call with a consumer. It is called "Predictive" because based on the average talk time for that Agent, the system Predicts when it will have to start dialing a new call. ideally, as the Agent is hanging up with the first call, the next consumer contact is delivered up to that Agent right as they are free to take their next call. The system can also be set to leave a pre recorded voicemail message on any answering machines the system encounters without any Agent intervention. Management has the benefit of up to a 300% Productivity gain, while Agents are not bored with non productive manual calling. Your entire company benefits from using Predictive Dialing in consumer campaigns.

Jenny Hanna Gross works at Freedom Telework Inc., a virtual call center that offers hosted call center solutions such as voice broadcasting, skill based routing, inbound calling, predictive dialer software, and so much more.


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