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Thats A High Definition Antenna

My all-time favorite show."The Sopranos" is a outstanding show.  I can't tell you how much I live vicariously through the families on this show.  The best part about is that I can observe it in high definition because the high definition station A&E just started playing the episodes which used to only be on Home Box Office.  The other wonderful thing about it is I don't have to pay anything extra for my high quality picture channels.  .

.I recently purchased an antenna that looks like a picture frame and gives me the crisp clear image I love about high definition TV.  I heard about it from my neighbor.  She said that her husband found it and tried it out in their RV.  When they were travelling the country on their vacation they said that it was awesome how a little frame could get such great reception.

  They went through the back roads of Kansas, Tennesee, and Nebraska with no break in their signal.  . .The best thing about it for them is that since it is a picture frame, it's also a nice piece of décor in their RV.

  So I decided since I have a high definition television I would give it a try.  I bought one and hung it on my wall.  As soon as I turned on the tv, it picked up all the stations in high quality picture.  The next time Sopranos came on; I was so stirred because it was so much fun watching it with the vivid display.

  The skin tones are so vivid that the actors look like they are coming out of the display.  . .When there are action scenes, you really feel you are part of the action.

  It's simply amazing.  I inserted a picture of my family and me at our last vacation in Mexico in the picture frame antenna.  No one even notices that it is an antenna; they just comment on the beautiful picture and move on.  The other day I had a get-together and my tv was a hit.  I rented some movies and everyone was glued to the screen.

  Some people even jumped at the action flick I rented, it looked that real!  I wish they had come out with this a long time ago because it's definitely worth the investment of the television and antenna.  Next year, I will be able to see all of my shows in high definition because of the big turn happening on February 17, 2009.  Bring it on, I'm ready!.

John Wilkerson has had the trials and tribulations of finding an HDTV antenna that really works, and if you own a RV, take a look at the all new RV "Picture Frame" antenna for hdtv. Resources: HDTV antenna RV Antenna


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