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reasons to go for body dryers

Technology has made our life more luxurious and comfortable. It has spawned many gadgets without which we can not imagine our lives. Body dryers are one more addition to this long list of gadgets which makes life a little more livable. what is a body dryer? A body dryer is a device used for drying the whole body without a towel after a shower or bath. The drying process takes place due to warm air being released by the blower.

The body dryer comes with a pre-fixed blower housing along with outlet and inlet openings. A body dryer is very similar to a hand dryer with the only difference being in size. As compared to a hand dryer, a body dryer is much bigger in size and helps to dry the whole body within just three minutes of operation.

To use the body dryer, you simply have to stand underneath the ceiling-mounted unit, switch it on with the remote control and adjust the heating as per your comfort. You are all set to enjoy the feeling of warm air. Since body dryers come with an adaptable temperature setting, they are perfect for homes with or without an electric shower. There are quite a few benefits of using body dryers instead of towels to dry your body after a shower.

Some of these are: 1. Body dryers help you to dry your body easily after a shower. It takes less effort than using a towel.

2. You don't have damp, smelly towels hanging around in the bathroom. 3. Body dryers dry your body in a more gentle and relaxing way as compared to towels. 4.

When it comes to hygiene, body dryers are a much better option than towels. 5. Body dryers are faster and provide better result than any type of bathroom heater.

6. Body dryers are particularly helpful in drying kids and pets after a bath. 7. If you have difficulty drying yourself with a towel because of mobility issues or skin irritations then a body dryer can provide a more pleasant experience.

8. not only are they easy to operate, they are also economical. 9. With body dryers you get less laundry work to handle. 10.

The best part about body dryers is that they help in reducing the moisture in the bathroom by making it dry quickly. With so many benefits, body dryers are becoming quite popular in countries like the UK, the USA, Australia and also developing nations. However, for safety reasons it is essential to buy a body dryer from a reputable company. When it comes to quality, you can rely on brands such as Triton as they are one of the best quality manufacturers of body dryers. Before installing a body dryer in your bathroom, make sure that your home has good quality wiring or electrical supplies. In the UK, you can make use of the many well-known wholesalers, distributors and online retailers of electrical supplies for purchasing Triton body dryers along with other reliable electrical equipment like underfloor heating, storage heaters and galaxy showers.

Rich Heaney is an electrical engineer working in a reputed electrical supply company in the UK. He is also an amateur writer who has contributed several insightful articles on a variety of advanced and innovative electrical equipment like icon fans, galaxy showers and body dryers.


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