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proven website blueprints

Whatever your market or your niche you won't get the success you deserve without a winning strategy to guide you. Here are four tried and tested blueprints to follow so that you get the most from your website. 1. Sign up or go Sign up or go is a strategy that works but it is high risk. You must have the courage of your convictions and make your visitors a truly compelling offer as all they will see is a page demanding their real email address and name.

This is as if you've barred the way in and have a large security guard checking whether they're allowed in. Although some will be too scared to leave their details and leave your site many others will take action and sign up. Which type of customer do you want - a quitter or someone who takes action. 2.Become the trusted expert - give and impress If you can become regarded as the trusted expert in your market then you will have success.

This can only be achieved through a lot of hard work. You have to be committed to the cause and to your customers and provide them with an impressive amount of free and valuable information. This information needs to be kept up to date and you also need to be the source of informed comment and opinion on any relevant current events. 3.Conversation and comment Having a conversation with your prospective customers can form a strong bond between you and as this bond grows the chances of making sales grow too. Not just one sale but repeat sales as they see you as the right person to do business with.

There are several ways to do this and you should find the ones that you enjoy most as it's up to you to keep the conversation going. You could host a blog or a forum on your website and use it to both answer their questions or make posts to generate comments. Or you could use surveys to ask your prospects what they think and want. 4.No product to sell? no problem! A common question I get asked is do your promotion techniques work if you don't have a product to sell. This actually translates to selling other people's goods through affiliate schemes such as clickbank.

com. The answer is yes but you have to think and work a little harder to overcome that customer question "why should I choose you?Unlock that conundrum and you have your path to success.

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