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Jabra BT Bluetooth Headset The Best Wireless Headset Solution

The model has excellent audio quality which makes the talking really a good way to while the time. What's more the unit reduces wind noise for voice clarity when you are speeding on your bike. Like all headsets, Jabra BT5010 makes it easier for road runners to connect hands-free.

The Jabra BT5010 Bluetooth headset is designed with a sliding boom arm that allows you to take and end calls. The sliding boom enhances voice quality even with the rain rattling on the rooftop because the arm positions itself nearer the mouth for better voice transmission. There is a microphone within the arm. Simply swing back the arm to position to end your call. You can switch it to a silent mode too; but the moment a call comes in, the vibrator alerts you immediately. What's more, you can pair the unit with two mobile phones simultaneously using the Multipoint technology.

The unit has a battery indicator and alerts the user that it's nearly time to recharge. With that said, there is no worry to run on empty while still on the phone. The ear loop is comfortable and won't give ear fatigue as it can be worn on both ears alternately. So go along and take the trip, and when you want a lower or higher volume, you can adjust the volume buttons with ease. And while on the road, you can call a friend by just using the voice synthesis program, redial the last number called, put a call on hold, mute a call or simply reject a call.

Place a phone call through your headset from up to 30 feet away. All these features are incorporated into this sturdy little device designed for convenience, looks and functionality. Wondering how the magic works? It's all hinged on the Bluetooth radio technology that transmits both voice and data without wires and cables. To make your Jabra BT5010 Bluetooth Headset work with other mobile brands, just check out if these are also Bluetooth enabled. So whether at work or at play the Jabra BT5010 will always give top performance. If you need a headset that will be there with you, the BT5010 Bluetooth headsets is the right headset for you.

With the BT5010 from Jabra, there is no frequent stops for recharging of your headset. The entire package contains the headset, AC power supply, USB cable, a quick start guide and an illustrated user manual. 10 hours of talk time? Nothing can top Jabra BT5010. So make the choice for uninterrupted business transactions even you are on the road. Wise up. For business, it's talk time that matters most.

Get a Jabra BT5010 and talk a mile a minute.

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