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How Great Office Cubicles Designs Adds To Productivity

Office cubicles offer privacy and a degree of protection from distractions in and around the office workspace. As opposed to a having work desks lined up in rows, facing one another, cubicles were developed to provide each employee with his/her personal workspace. This helps the employee focus better on his/her work and does not subject them to being exposed to other employees and the office environment in general, which could be full of sounds and distractions not conducive to the optimal performance of an individual. Office cubicles designed by MAiSPACE combine a wide range of features which makes the work experience a pleasurable one for each and every employee in your office.

These cubicles have been developed keeping in mind the most important factors of office space comfort and convenience. We understand that an employee has to spend an average of one-third of his time in this space. It is of utmost importance to MAiSPACE to make this time span as comfortable as possible. Our cutting-edge innovative design provides flexibility, convenience, comfort and ergonomic advantages. These are office cubicles designed to last for a considerably long time. It may happen that you might have to buy these only once, so you want to make the best choice and avail of yourself of this one-time opportunity! MAiSPACE offers a wide range of sizes and configurations which can be tailored to fulfill your specific needs.

We offer on-site advice and assistance and our planning and installation team would be glad to address every personal detail requirement. One of the great assets of our office cubicles is their adaptability. If you expect your business to grow, you can plan to use modular furniture that you will be able to expand when your need for office space and storage increases.

As your needs alter, therefore, you can change your modular office furniture to keep pace with those needs. These office cubicles can also be adapted if your business stays the same size, but your focus changes. This may mean redesigning the workspace, but that is no problem at all with the use of MAiSPACE modular furniture. As well as being built to last, MAiSPACE office cubicles are perfectly capable of growing and changing with your business and making life extremely easy and economical on every front. Their mobility alone translates into easy transitions every time.

Through careful and thoughtful design, office cubicles developed by MAiSPACE can help reduce noise. This is an important benefit in an establishment of any size, particularly a medium or large size organization. The constant noise level in this kind of an environment can be distracting, and even, in the long term, stressful for some employees. The more you can do to reduce these levels, the better. Included acoustical panels or screens as provided by MAiSPACE will help further in preventing noise from traveling between office cubicles.

Another way to assist with noise reduction between office cubicles is to have transparent partitions fitted above the acoustical panels. This addition to your office cubicles ensures natural light, while also helping to keep noise levels down. In addition to helping reduce noise in the office, office cubicles make it possible for staff to work without the distractions that would occur in a totally open environment. While still having easy access to their colleagues, people also have the benefit of the degree of workstation privacy that our cubicle design provides.

In this way, the cubicle creates an extremely workable compromise, enabling staff to work quietly when they need to concentrate, and when appropriate, to enjoy the communication and socialization that is part of working in an office environment. Office cubicles can be provided with such storage options as wheeled pedestals, wall cabinets, or shelving and filing drawers and bookshelves. Keyboard trays or systems that allow the user to lift and lower the whole work surface are also available. When these storage options are configurable, the individuals using the office cubicles can set them up the way they want and in the positions that are most convenient for them. Last, but not least, MAiSPACE gives special attention to ergonomic issues.

Ergonomics is a scientific discipline, which is concerned with improving the productivity, health, safety and comfort of people, as well as enhancing effective interaction among people, technology and the environment in which both must coexist and operate for the greater benefit of the organization. Our ergonomic design aims to facilitate task performance, minimize fatigue and injury by fitting equipment to the body size, strength and range of motion of the user; in addition reducing potential workman's compensation issues. Designs provided by MAiSPACE have adjustable components that enable the user to modify the cubicle to accommodate different physical dimensions and the requirements of the job. Ergonomically designed workspaces can reduce pain and injury, increase productivity and performance, improve morale, and decrease complaints. MAiSPACE is the fastest growing office furniture company with over 250 worldwide employees, showrooms throughout the United States and a large network of local dealers and installers domestically and internationally.

The company has become prominent in leading edge design, ergonomic sensitivity, technology-friendly configurations as well as great service and installations. will help business owners and operators make smart choices in Modern Office Furniture and Call Center Furniture for their offices and selecting the right Office Cubicles.


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