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How Can I Send Free SMS

SMS, which stands for Short Messaging Service, is a communication protocol wherein short text messages can be sent between two mobile phones supporting this feature. SMS has now gradually expanded, and now refers to any device that supports this feature, which includes but is not limited to, landline phones, cordless devices, web servers, etc. Even text messages sent nowadays without using this protocol have come to be referred to as SMS. Usually, mobile telephony providers charge a small per message fee for SMS. There are however, ways to bypass this fee as discussed below. Changing Mobile Plans All service providers have a plan for a fixed monthly rental after the payment of which you can send free SMS.

This is by far the easiest method for sending free SMS. Changing the SMSC Number Your mobile phone uses a SMSC (Short Messaging System Center) number to know where to send an SMS which then forwards your SMS to your defined number. This is also called a Short Message System Server (SMSS). There are a variety of these servers worldwide which have been set up independently and then can be used to send free SMS. These numbers ca be obtained on the internet, and are updated regularly as new servers come up or older ones no longer remain free.

Two websites are given under ? ? ? http://www.cellular. You will need to go to your SMS settings, the method for getting to which is different for different phones. You will see an option for a message center number, which is already filled with a number as per your telephone service provider. Change this number with any of the numbers found above.

Make sure you copy the number already saved somewhere since you might need to revert in case of problems. Also, since these free SMS servers frequently go down, you will need to update this number regularly with a new number from the mentioned websites. Sending Free SMS over the Web There are a variety of websites available which can send free SMS for you.

Some of these require accounts, while in others you can simply type in the destination mobile phone number and your message. There are servers that will set up a free number for you, and after creating an account, you can receive free SMS as well. The scope of these services is both local and global, implying that the websites might be able to service your SMS all over the world or just to particular regions, or even particular providers. A few websites are given under ? Singtel Singapore SMS (http://www.singtel.

com/internetsms) ? Only provides SMS services to Singtel, a provider local to Singapore Mr. Free SMS ( ? Allows account creation and you both send and receive SMS for free by creating an online number Gleez Free SMS ( ? Through this service, you can send both SMS and MMS, which implies you can send multimedia content as well.

Supports only Airtel, an Indian service provider. Tech-FAQ Free SMS ( - This useful tool allows sending SMS to USA and Canadian numbers.

Requires no account creation.

George Bennett writes on topics such as Send Text Messages Free , Short Message Service and MMS for The Tech FAQ.


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