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Business VOIP

Business VOIP offers advantages over regular telephone service that allow business more freedom and savings than ever before. Today's technology driven society predicts that if you do not have business VOIP, you will soon. However, before you jump on the business VOIP bandwagon, you should know what business VOIP is and how it can benefit your business.

Many business owners use some amount of technology every day, but sometimes find themselves unwilling to try new technological advances due to a lack of understanding or an overwhelming amount of complication associated with certain technologies. However, business VOIP is a relatively simple technology to obtain and use that allows you more versatility in your phone uses while saving you money.

Business VOIP may seem like a very foreign term to your business. The "VOIP" in business VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. That may sound technical, but really it just means that you will be able to use telephone services over your internet connection rather than your traditional phone lines. How does this benefit your business? Free long distance is one way your company can save money with business VOIP.

Business VOIP allows you to call anywhere in the world using your internet connection. This means that there will be no additional long-distance charges when you use business VOIP. Besides savings on long-distance, you will also be able to avoid those other costs tacked onto your regular phone bill like taxes, tariffs, and other mysterious charges. In some cases, companies already using business VOIP have reported savings up to 60 percent over their traditional phone bills.

However, the financial savings associated with business VOIP is not the only reason to change to this more technologically advanced phone system. The potential services available through business VOIP will also offer your business flexibility and communications potential that will enhance your continued efforts at growing your organization. For instance, there is technology available for your business VOIP system that will allow your computer to communicate with others via the phone, and business VOIP also opens doors to conferencing via tele-video. Imagine being able to see the person you are speaking to in real time video or being able to present a product in real time.

Another great aspect of business VOIP is that it allows you to enhance your advertising potential immediately via message on hold. Through a simple .wav or .mp3 file, you can take an audio file and turn it into an advertisement your clientele can hear via your telephone. Taking the advancement of the telephone and adding in a new kind of communication potential makes business VOIP a must for most businesses.

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